Write Dream, Reach… Achieve is a Peak Performance Coaching and Training Academy that works with incredibly driven individuals and encourages them to focus on their team to become extraordinary. 



  • 3 Day Workshop ​
  • Establish an Extraordinary Leadership Framework and Program
  • Develop a Team Peak Performance process ​
  • Ranking and scoring program to effectively measure Team Progress
  • Dramatically increase Clarity within a Peak Performing team


This program is not for every owner and manager!!! Embark on THE most transformative journeys of your corporate and possibly your own life! This intense 3-day program will finally get your team ready for a Peak Performance state that will map out the future of your team in a way that is capable of dealing with anything that is thrown their way. You will never work harder on simple things that will make you and your team Extraordinary. The Pres-Transformation Certificate program will guide you step by step and you will establish your present and future roadmap that includes our intense expectation-setting section that will FINALLY allow everyone to be aware of blind spots and success delayers. This is the ULTIMATE in Leadership Development and EXECUTION! GET CERTIFIED NOW!!!

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As a participant, you will be asked to reflect, discuss, and share ideas on the 10 aspects of leadership studied in the book “10 Discussions for Effective Leadership”.   

  • 3 Day Workshop ​
  • Peak Performance Leadership Awareness Program
  • Establish a Personal Leadership Scorecard
  • Personal Leadership Roadmap 


Finally, a Certificate program that allows you to understand, reflect, evaluate, measure, and PLAN to excel in all 10 areas of effective leadership. Based on the boo. 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership, the Certificate program allows you to view leadership through different lenses of business and life in general. This intense 3-Day Certificate Program, will get you a deep analysis of where you are at within these 10 major areas of leadership, score yourself, and finally build a plan that will keep you doing what you are excellent at and help you to get the place you deserve to be in the other areas. As a participant, you will be asked to reflect, discuss, and share ideas on the 10 aspects of leadership studied in the book “10 Discussions for Effective Leadership”.

The goal of the exercise is to deepen your understanding of the concepts the authors have discussed and create links to your reality as a leader. Your personal goal should be to integrate the concepts to increase your leadership effectiveness.

As for any successful venture, awareness is paramount in enabling a person to take targeted and timely action. The work that you will do in self-analysis and measuring your current effectiveness through a series of questions for each chapter will form the basis of a renewed effort to find ways and means, for yourself, and for your team, to be more effective, productive, and efficient in your role as a leader.

The issues covered are not comprehensive. They are meant to initiate introspection in how you provide leadership for yourself and your team, and perhaps, identify some meaningful action you can take to make it easier for you to deal with the grind of the daily challenges that you encounter as a leader, and exceed your expectations. Further insights are available by consulting the bibliography at the end of the workbook.

This is two days of intensive training and every participant will complete a series of exercises that will help develop a action plan for Peak Performance Leadership. Become the best you can be. GET CERTIFIED NOW!!!

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